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The Refillery

Welcome to the Refillery at Tru Spirit Collective!

What in the world is a Refillery you may ask? Have you ever spotted a picture of days gone by where a store clerk is captured visiting with his customers over a barrel of goods brought in on horse and buggy or rail cart... Thankfully shipping has gotten a little faster, but we are bringing back the age of getting to know those whom you do daily business with, instead of a fast transaction and just another receipt number. 

When you make your way into our shop to fill up on your favorite household supplies you'll have the opportunity to take a small part in becoming better stewards of this beautiful land we call home. By filling up a bottle from our shelf selection or bringing your own personal bottle to refill, you assist in the reduction of single-use plastic. We will help you weigh your container, fill it up, weigh again, pay, and be on your way! Simple as that!

The land we farm, ranch, raise our babies on, and bury our souls in will only provide as long as it is healthy; the Refillery is our part of keeping it beautiful!


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